Tips for Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

Tips for Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

Tips for Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at a dental clinic in Palm Beach Gardens is safe, effective, fast, and transformative. To whiten your teeth, your dentist uses bleaching compounds that dissolve stains from your teeth and affect the dentin layer of your tooth. In as little as an hour, your dentist can lighten your teeth by as many as…

The Step by Step Guide to Teeth Cleaning

The Step by Step Guide to Teeth Cleaning

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times and will hear it again. Daily oral hygiene habits — flossing, brushing, and mouthwash — coupled with dental checkups every six months are essential. It’s all true. But here’s another truth. Not even those essential steps are enough to prevent plaque, stains, and tartar…

Answering Common Questions About Recovering From a Tooth Extraction

Answering Common Questions About Recovering From a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions in Palm Beach Gardens may be necessary because of an injury, infection, or over-crowded teeth. Your dentist will use a strong anesthetic around the area of the extraction to ensure the procedure is pain-free. Once the tooth is extracted, the dentist will place gauze over the area to prevent infection and promote healing….

Professional Teeth Whitening in the Palm Beaches

Top 5 Signs You Need Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solution to tooth loss. They replace missing roots and provide the structure to support artificial replacement teeth. They can be a more durable, natural, and permanent alternative to bridges, partial or complete dentures. Implants consist of a titanium metal “root” or anchor that is inserted into your jawbone which holds your…

Dental Bridges Palm Beach Gardens

What is a Dental Bridge and Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Tooth loss is a situation that affects many aspects of your life, from your appearance to the way you speak and eat. Thankfully, most of these changes in your lifestyle can be reverted by one of the many tooth replacement options that modern dentistry has to offer. One option that has been used for many…

five tips for getting used to dentures

Five Tips for Getting Used to Dentures

Not everyone who wears dentures experiences smooth sailing at the beginning of their journey. If you happen to be one of these people, adapting to the dentures and knowing the right way to wear them is very crucial to your wellbeing. The good news here is that you will not have to put up with…

what are dentures?

What Are Dentures?

Losing teeth is a big deal. Whether it is due to old age or other reasons that are specific to your situation, there are solutions available to address your problem. If you have multiple teeth missing, maybe your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens will recommend a denture as a viable option to restore your smile….

what to know about dental implants – complications and failure

What to Know About Dental Implants – Complications and Failure

Dental implants, though artificial, are designed to mimic the roots of your teeth. Through a surgical procedure, a dental implant is placed in your jawbone and holds an artificial tooth in place. Dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens can be considered the best invention in today’s dental health solutions, particularly in tooth replacement procedures. With…

how to take care of new dental crowns

How to Take Care of New Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an opportunity to restore missing teeth in the mouth and improve the condition of existing teeth. Dentists may recommend tooth replacement when 50% or more of the tooth is broken. When you visit your dental clinic in Palm Beach Gardens for restoration, your dentist will explain this dental service and all that…

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment (RCT) or endodontic treatment is a procedure that treats the nerve of the tooth, saving a dental piece that might otherwise have to be removed. Sometimes, the center of the tooth can be inflamed, infected, or dead due to damage caused by tooth decay, leaky fillings or damage to teeth because of…