Although dental implants are artificial, they can be used to replicate the roots of your natural teeth. A dental implant is a procedure that inserts a tooth into your jawbone. The best innovation in dental health today, especially in tooth replacement procedures, is the Palm Beach Gardens dental implants. Modern implants will give your new teeth the same look, feel, and function as your natural teeth. For any questions regarding the best dental implant services feel free to give Habashy Dental a call at our office number 561-427-7711.

Even with all these benefits, there is always the possibility of dental implant failure. Dental implant failure can be caused by many factors. Here are some common questions we ask: What causes dental implant failure? What are the signs and symptoms of dental implant failures? This problem can be solved by what treatment options? Is it possible to receive multiple implants?

The most obvious sign of discomfort is the first. It can also be accompanied by severe pain. The signs of inflammation, swelling, and loosening or movement of the implant inside the mouth are all possible. These problems can occur due to a patient’s overall health, post-procedure care quality, and the skill of the dentist. These are the most common reasons.

(1) Gum infections

Healthy gums are essential for dental implant procedures. The chances of having a failed dental implant procedure are reduced by visiting a dentist to treat any infection or gum disease. Failure to do so can lead to infection around the implant that could cause damage to the jaw bone, gum, and surrounding area. In extreme cases, an implant may need to be removed.

(2) Imperfect impressions

The impressions are molds that are made by the dentist. They are used in the creation of artificial teeth (also known as crowns) in a laboratory. The crowns might not fit properly if the impressions aren’t done correctly. Even a slight misalignment can have a major impact on the function of the dental implant. Infections can also be caused by bacteria that can thrive in the gap.

(3) Conditions for medical purposes

Your overall health is crucial for the healing of your gums following dental implant surgery. The healing process may be delayed by certain health conditions. Slow healing can cause the implant to not fuse well with the jaw bone. The implant may then become loose. Some medications can slow down the healing process. It is important that you inform your dentist about any medication.

(4) Incorrect alignment of the embed

It is difficult to “fix” teeth near you. The dentist must evaluate the area where the implant will be placed and then find the best place to do so. It is possible for the implant to be placed in a difficult spot on the gum. This causes the artificial tooth to be misaligned. This can cause damage to adjacent teeth and gums. To avoid problems, it is important to get quality services right away. It is easy to find a dentist clinic that provides quality services near you.

(5) Broken implant

Implant damage can be reduced, but not completely, with today’s technology. You should make sure that you only hire a Palm Beach Gardens dentist who specializes in the treatment of dental implants. Some dentists use materials that are not up to the standard. Implants that are not up to standard can cause severe damage and even lead to dental failure.

There are many ways to treat dental failure. Some infections can be treated with a simple procedure. Complex procedures will be required for more complicated cases. You now know what the risks are associated with dental implants. Make sure you evaluate the quality of the services provided and the experience of the dentist to ensure a secure investment.

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