Dental Cleanings Near You

Routine oral exams and cleanings are the cornerstones of good dental health. Not only do these appointments let us learn more about you, but potential problems can be noticed much earlier. Our dental clinic believes that preventive dentistry is the best treatment available. We always urge all our patients to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

dental cleanings in palm beach gardens

Oral Examinations

Routine oral examinations are vital for oral health and preventive dentistry. A regular dental examination allows your dentist to evaluate your overall oral health, oral cancer risk, and tooth decay. This enables us to treat dental issues expeditiously before they worsen or progress into an infection. Oral exams will typically involve:

  • An X-ray examination
  • An oral cancer screening
  • An evaluation of your gum disease risk
  • An examination of tooth decay
  • An evaluation of existing dental treatments
  • An assessment of your bite and jawline

Looking for dental cleanings near you? Habashy Dental offers dental cleanings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418.

Dental Cleanings

Regular teeth cleanings near you are a paramount part of preventive dentistry. Dental cleanings are an opportunity to assess your teeth for any potential problems, catching them early before they can transform into a more painful and complex oral health issue. A dental cleaning will involve:

  • Tartar removal
  • Removal of plaque buildup
  • Polishing of your teeth
  • Expert flossing
  • Fluoride treatment

Failing to maintain regular dental examinations and oral cleanings near you can result in a range of dental issues. Periodontal disease (gum disease), cavities, and even oral cancer could slip by. Allowing your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens to diagnose a problem early will save you time and money on future treatments. We recommend patients schedule routine examinations and cleanings at least every six months.

Take a step towards a healthier you and schedule your dental exam in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 today.