Teeth Whitening

Ever wondered what made someone so white? These results can come at a high price: their comfort. Dr. Peter Habashy provides Palm Beach Gardens patients with safe and effective teeth whitening Teeth Whiteningalternatives to the harsh bleaching techniques that can cause pain and sensitivity. A brilliant smile does not come from a box of strips or pastes. Patients can choose from a variety of options to achieve stunning results in our office. All you have to do to transform your smile is schedule a consultation. The doctor will discuss the best treatment for you after listening to all your concerns and goals.

Whitening at-home
Habashy Dental offers at-home whitening kits. Home whitening is simple, inexpensive, and easy. It provides gradual brightness, one day at a time. To make a custom-fit whitening tray, we take impressions. The kit includes a supply of whitening cream and instructions for use at home. The trays are used to apply gel daily to the teeth. The treatment gently lifts staining, with each application requiring a little more. After a few days of wearing the same daily clothes, most people see results similar to in-office whitening. There is little discomfort. Dr. Habashy might recommend dental restorations to resolve stubborn discolorations.

Dental bonding

The same material that is used to fill in tooth-colored cavities can also be used to conceal stains.


A crown is a cap made of lustrous ceramic that covers a tooth.

Porcelain veneers

Thin coverings conceal stains and many other issues.

Brighter for your life!
Habashy Dental offers a Whitening for Life Program. Patients who visit Downtown Dental for regular checkups and teeth cleanings are eligible to receive complimentary bleaching trays and whitening gel twice a year.
Habashy Dental can help you schedule a consultation for teeth whitening. Feel free to call us at 561-427-7711.

Teeth Whitening

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