5 Key Tips to Help You Prepare for Dental Extraction

Do you have an upcoming appointment for tooth extraction with your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens? If yes, then we encourage you to continue reading to learn the 5 tips to prepare for tooth extraction near you.

Tooth Extraction:

Every year, millions of teeth are extracted within the United States. There are several reasons why your dentist will suggest a tooth extraction. In virtually all situations, the patient’s oral health and comfort are enhanced post-procedure. But for many patients, worries like the level of pain, anesthesia side effects, and the entire logistics of the procedure can leave patients feeling nervous. We want to address this trend of worry by providing some helpful tips below regarding tooth extraction in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Learning what tooth extraction near you entails, can leave you feeling rest assured that the procedure will run smoothly.

(1) Understanding Why Tooth Extraction is Necessary

When a dentist near you recommends a treatment, patients often jump the gun without full comprehension of why that procedure is the best course of action. Your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL prioritizes patient-education and will always ensure you understand why a procedure is being recommended and what is expected afterward.

When an adult tooth is extracted, the tooth must be replaced. Your dentist should discuss the complications of leaving the vacant space open as well as what your cosmetic replacement options are.

(2) Be Prepared to Share Your Medical History

When you visit a dental clinic near you, you should be prepared to share your medical history with your surgeon. For example, you will need to share if you have recently been diagnosed with any diseases or conditions, if you are taking any medication, and if you have allergies. It is important for your dentist to know this information, for example, if you are taking medication without your dentist knowing, it could cause a drug interaction if sedation is administered.

(3) Arrange for Transportation

Before performing a dental extraction, your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL will administer some form of sedation for the sake of your comfort. If you were to drive under the effects of anesthesia it would be extremely dangerous and hazards, posing a threat to you and other drivers. It is paramount to ensure your safety and others, which is why a family member, friend or guardian should pick you up from the dental clinic near you.

(4) Fast Before Your Surgery

Your dentist will list all your fasting requirements and specific instructions before the procedure. Generally, patients requiring a tooth extraction in Palm Beach Gardens should expect to fast for twelve hours before the procedure is conducted.

(5) Take Medication(s) if Necessary

If your dentist has recommended you take specific medication(s) before the surgery, ensure that you take them within the prescribed timetable for effective results.

Do you require tooth extraction? Your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL is experienced and skilled in performing tooth extraction near you. This procedure can protect the integrity of your smile along with providing relief and comfort. Do not wait to consult with a dentist near you as the problems you are facing will only worsen. Schedule your appointment today, to discuss tooth extraction and your replacement options!

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