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Braces are one of the best ways to improve your smile and increase your self-confidence. You may have many questions about braces, whether you are considering them for yourself or someone you care about. Continue reading to learn more about braces, and why you should make an appointment with a Palm Beach Gardens Orthodontist. Habashy Dental is available to answer any questions you may have about Braces Near me in Palm Beach Gardens.

What are the advantages of braces?

Braces can be used to correct misaligned teeth. Braces can improve your smile and overall appearance. They can also correct speech issues and digestive problems. Braces can straighten your teeth and help you achieve better oral health. It will also reduce your risk of developing bone erosion with age.

How do braces fit?

There are two types of braces that you can choose from. Conventional braces are the first. After a thorough cleaning, conventional braces can be fitted in the office of an orthodontist. The orthodontist will then apply a drop of special glue to each tooth after cleaning. Each tooth is then fitted with a bracket. Once the brackets have been placed, a rubber band will be applied to them. Each row of teeth is then fitted with arch wires that run along the length of each bracket.

Linguistic braces are the second type of braces that is available. Lingual braces can be fitted on the back of your teeth. They are discreet and more discreet. Although lingual braces are more attractive than conventional braces, they can be difficult to use. Although lingual braces may not be as popular as traditional braces, they are very effective in straightening your teeth.

If you are looking for braces in Palm Beach Gardens and want to make the first step toward better oral health, call a Palm Beach Gardens orthodontist. You’ll soon see a straighter and more beautiful smile. Habashy Dental is available to answer any questions you may have about Braces Near me in Palm Beach Gardens.

Habashy Dental provides top-quality treatment, affordable braces payments, and the most extensive range of treatment options, making it easy to choose where to go.

In just 30 minutes, you can find treatment options and estimate costs. The initial exam is free and includes 3D scanning, X-rays, and photos. Treatment can often begin the same day.

We offer comprehensive exams with a licensed dentist and complimentary retainers after treatment is completed to maintain your healthy smile.

Our pricing will make you smile.

Do not let the idea of Invisalign costing you money stop you from getting the smile that you deserve. We have pricing that fits any budget.

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