Emergency Tooth Extraction

Emergency Tooth ExtractionAre you experiencing severe dental pain and looking for an “emergency tooth extraction near me”? Intense dental pain can stop your plans in their tracks and keep you from enjoying the things you love until you find a solution for your pain. Sometimes, dental pain is caused by a decayed or damaged tooth which must be extracted in order to prevent the infection from spreading or becoming worse. Following are some reasons why you may be experiencing tooth pain, as well as how an emergency tooth extraction procedure is conducted. If you have any questions about an Emergency Tooth Extraction in Palm Beach Gardens, call Habashy Dental today.  561-427-7711

Why am I experiencing tooth pain?

Tooth pain occurs when the internal nerve becomes irritated. This could be due to a number of reasons. Some people experience more tooth sensitivity as they age, especially when drinking extremely hot or cold beverages. In this situation, tooth sensitivity can be addressed by staying away from extremely hot or cold foods as well as using specialized toothpaste and mouthwash.

Other people experiencing sudden onset tooth pain may have developed a cavity over time or chipped a tooth during a fall. These situations can usually be addressed by filling the cavity or bonding the chipped tooth during relatively simple surgical procedures.

Other people who experience sudden onset tooth pain that is severe and unwavering may need to consult their dentist for a potential emergency tooth extraction.

What happens during an emergency tooth extraction?

Prior to the extraction procedure, the dentist will conduct an examination of your mouth to accurately assess and diagnose your condition. X-rays will be taken and a decision will be made whether or not to proceed with the extraction. If an extraction is necessary, the dentist will apply a numbing agent in order to decrease any pain you may be feeling. After the procedure, you will be given a prescription for medications to aid the healing process, and a follow-up visit will be scheduled.

If you’re been searching for “tooth extraction near me,” relief is just a phone call away. By making an appointment with a Palm Beach Gardens Dentist, you’ll be well on your way to recovering from your tooth pain. If you have any questions about an Emergency Tooth Extraction in Palm Beach Gardens, call Habashy Dental today.  561-427-7711

Emergency Tooth Extraction

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