Dental Contouring Near You

Dental contouring or tooth reshaping may be right for you if minor cosmetic dental problems cause you to feel self-conscious. This procedure can correct minor imperfections such as slightly misshapen teeth.

dental contouring in palm beach gardens

The Dental Contouring Procedure

This procedure is fairly simple. Our dental clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 will use tools, including drills or lasers, to gently remove some of your teeth’s enamel; this changes their shape or length. After your teeth have been contoured to your dentist’s satisfaction, they will polish your teeth to enhance your smile, making it look as appealing as possible.

Benefits of Dental Contouring

The main benefit of dental contouring near you is that it provides immediate results. Generally, the entire procedure takes less than thirty minutes to complete, which means in a single brief appointment, you can achieve your desired results. Additionally, there are no nerves in your enamel, so the process is free from pain. Cosmetic contouring in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 is especially an excellent option for patients who are anxious about dental visits or worried about the pain associated with some cosmetic dental treatments.

It is essential to add that this procedure is permanent. Your enamel cannot grow back, and once your teeth are reshaped; you will not have to receive the procedure again in the future.

Is Dental Contouring Right for You?

This dental procedure is ideal for those with cosmetic dental problems. If you are overall happy with your smile but would like your teeth to be slightly shorter or more even in size, this procedure may be a perfection option. On the contrary, if you have extremely crooked, crowded, or misshapen teeth, your dentist may recommend procedures that will provide more dramatic results. Interested in dental contouring near you? Habashy Dental offers dental contouring in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. If you have any questions or would like to request an appointment, contact our dental clinic today!