Tooth Extractions Near You

There are numerous reasons why teeth require extraction. The tooth may have gum disease, tooth decay, or a fracture beyond what can be repaired. Alternatively, a tooth may need to be removed to create space before placing orthodontic braces. In some cases, teeth are poorly positioned and must be removed. Also, a common reason for tooth extraction in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 is impacted wisdom teeth.

The following are other common reasons for tooth extraction near you:

  • You have extra baby teeth that block other teeth from coming in
  • You have baby teeth that do not fall out in time to allow the permanent teeth to come in
  • You are receiving orthodontic treatment that requires additional space in the mouth
tooth extractions in palm beach gardens

Why Wisdom Teeth are Extracted

Your wisdom teeth or third molars are often extracted before or after they come in. Generally, wisdom teeth appear during the late teens or early ’20s. If the wisdom teeth are decayed, have a cyst, cause pain, or are misaligned, they will need to be removed. Failing to remove misaligned wisdom teeth in the mouth may damage adjacent teeth and cause future dental health concerns. These teeth often become impacted (stuck) in the jaw and do not come in. This can irritate your gums, resulting in pain and swelling. In these cases, wisdom teeth removal in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 is necessary. If you require removal of all four wisdom teeth, they will usually be taken out at the same time.

How Wisdom Teeth are Extracted

You may have heard people saying they are getting a tooth “pulled.” This is an unfortunate term as we do not pull out teeth to remove them. If we did, we could easily damage the surrounding teeth, gums, and/or bone. If your tooth needs to be removed, we will numb the area and then “luxate” it. To luxate a tooth, we move it from side to side until it loosens and then gently lift it out of your mouth. Occasionally, we will cut the tooth in two or more pieces to remove it safely, especially if it has multiple roots going in different directions. Looking for tooth extractions near you? Habashy Dental offers tooth extractions in Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment today!