The Best Dentist for Dental Crowns

Looking for the perfect solution to restore a damaged or fragile tooth? If you are looking for The Best Dentist for Dental Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens look no further than Habashy Dental! Habashy Dental stands out as the best choice when it comes to dental crowns in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Our dental crowns, meticulously designed to fit over your existing tooth, can enhance your smile while offering exceptional protection to your tooth.

Benefits of Choosing Our Dental Crowns

With a dental crown from Habashy Dental, you can expect not just improved aesthetics but also optimal function of your smile. The porcelain material we use for visible teeth has a translucent quality that mimics the natural look of your teeth, effortlessly blending with your smile.

If your requirement is for a back tooth, we use a crown made from porcelain fused to metal, offering superior durability. Moreover, if aesthetics is not your primary concern, or if the tooth in question is not visible, we can use a gold crown, which will not corrode over time and provides an exceptionally accurate cast.

Streamlined Process for Your Convenience

Our dental crown process involves two appointments at our Palm Beach Gardens office. During your initial visit, we prepare your tooth for the crown, take an impression, and place a temporary crown to protect your tooth. This impression is then sent to a nearby laboratory to craft a custom crown that fits your tooth perfectly and matches your bite. During your follow-up appointment, we replace the temporary crown with the permanent one, ensuring it fits perfectly and securely.

Reach Out Today

If you’re searching for The Best Dentist for Dental Crowns in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, look no further than Habashy Dental. We provide expert dental care tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your dental crown and experience the Habashy Dental difference!

The Best Dentist for Dental Crowns

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