Top 5 Signs You Need Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solution to tooth loss. They replace missing roots and provide the structure to support artificial replacement teeth. They can be a more durable, natural, and permanent alternative to bridges, partial or complete dentures.

Implants consist of a titanium metal “root” or anchor that is inserted into your jawbone which holds your new tooth. A dentist in Palm Beach Gardens can tell you if implants are a good option to deal with your tooth loss after assessing your teeth and jaw personally. As a general rule, implants are a good option as long as you are: in good health generally, your gums are healthy, and your jaw bone is strong enough to accept the implant. Even if your jaw bone is weak, shrunken, or poorly developed, bone grafting might be an available solution.

How do you know you need dental implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you need dental implants.

Losing a tooth or more affects your appearance, your ability to enjoy food, your pronunciation, and speaking, your confidence, and your self-esteem. It can also affect your health. Your remaining teeth can shift to fill the unnatural gaps left by missing teeth. That can result in unhealthy misalignment and even more damage to your smile. Dental implants replace your missing tooth or teeth in the same position as the original. Your smile and jaw are restored to its original and healthy condition.

If you’re living with a temporary solution for missing teeth, you need dental implants.

Removable dentures are a temporary option for addressing missing teeth that are suitable for many patients. Many people find that they make speaking and eating challenging, and can be an embarrassing part of an active lifestyle. If you’re ready to move to a permanent solution, frustrated by poorly fitted dentures, struggling to find the right adhesive or just ready for a natural-looking solution, a dentist near you may recommend dental implants.

If your teeth are broken or cracked, you need dental implants.

Broken and cracked teeth are a common source of debilitating tooth and jaw pain that affects your enjoyment of life and ability to eat and savor food. Depending on their location, they can also undermine your appearance and self-confidence. Dental implants will replace — in a two-step process of extraction and installation —your damaged teeth permanently with perfect replacements.

If you have an infected tooth, you need dental implants.

Beyond pain, cracked and broken teeth can cause serious health problems that dental implants can solve. Cracks and breaks are entry points for bacteria that can cause serious infections, abscesses (pus-filled sacs inside your teeth), and debilitating pain. If you’re suffering recurring tooth pain or infections due to damaged teeth, your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens may recommend extraction. Dental implants are a permanent solution.

If your face has sunken, you need dental implants.

Teeth are just one element — but an essential one — of your facial structure and anatomy. The shape, appearance, strength, and function of your face depend on that entire anatomical structure working together effectively. Teeth that are missing for a prolonged time will degrade your facial structure, aging you prematurely, causing a changed appearance and a “sunken” look around your jaw. Dental implants can restore your natural appearance and prevent apparent accelerated aging due to tooth loss.

Are you facing any of those issues? If so, it is time to consider dental implants. Take the next step by reaching out to a dentist near for a consultation. Dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens can transform the appearance and function of your smile.

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