What Are Dentures?

Losing teeth is a big deal. Whether it is due to old age or other reasons that are specific to your situation, there are solutions available to address your problem. If you have multiple teeth missing, maybe your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens will recommend a denture as a viable option to restore your smile. Don’t worry, we’ll fill you in on all the details you need to know about this type of procedure and what it entails. However, if you want to hear more about dentures in person you could always head to your local dental clinic in Palm Beach Gardens for additional information you need.

Dentures are prosthetic devices supported by surrounding tissue, which is widely used in restorative dentistry to replace multiple missing teeth. There are different types of dentures and the type you receive will be determined by your dentist depending on your own needs. The first type is full; this means that the denture will replace all of your teeth. The second type is partial; this means the denture will replace only some of your teeth. Partial dentures will work as a removable alternative to dental bridges. If you’re wondering about the comfort and look you can achieve with dentures it depends. But if you’re looking for dentures near you, we’re sure your dentist we’ll be able to provide a natural-looking restoration with a perfect fit. However, bear in mind the level of comfort can change over time depending on when the dentures are placed.

The procedure for getting dentures

When you obtain dentures in Palm Beach Gardens, you will have to have your teeth extracted unless they’re already missing. Your dentist will then take measurements of your jaw and a mouth impression. From here, you can either be sent home until your gums recovers and heal from the extraction of teeth and your dentures are fabricated, or you can receive them right after the extraction. Your dentist will need to have taken the measurements at a prior appointment and the denture should be constructed already. One potential issue here is, when you get an immediate full denture, as the tissues heal over time they can change the shape of your gums and mouth. This can alter the fit of the denture and later adjustments will need to be made to ensure a proper fit. In the case of partial dentures that normally rest on a metal framework, sometimes your dentist will need to place crowns on the surrounding teeth. These crowns will act as anchors for your partial denture.

Getting used to your dentures

Even if the dentures are a perfect fit, you still have to get used to them as they are a foreign object in your mouth. Dentures are custom-made in dental laboratories but they’re still prosthetics placed on an acrylic base that will rest over your gums. Upper dentures have a base that covers the roof of your mouth, while lower dentures have the shape of a shoe horse to leave plenty of space for your tongue to move freely. Right after getting your dentures placed you might experience excess salivation for a short period. Your speech might change until you get used to them and they might feel a bit bulky until the muscles of your cheeks learn how to hold them properly. Your dentures can last a long time but they might need to be relined and rebased as you age. Rebasing, which is changing the base but not the teeth in the denture, is needed because of the changes in the shape of our mouth each year that goes by.

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