What to Know About Dental Implants – Complications and Failure

Dental implants, though artificial, are designed to mimic the roots of your teeth. Through a surgical procedure, a dental implant is placed in your jawbone and holds an artificial tooth in place. Dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens can be considered the best invention in today’s dental health solutions, particularly in tooth replacement procedures. With modern implants, your new teeth will match the look, feel and function of your natural teeth.

Even with these benefits, dental implant failure is a potential outcome. There are various reasons that can attribute to dental implant failure. We seek to answer common questions including; what can cause dental implant failure? What are the symptoms of dental implant failure? What treatment options solve this problem? And can one receive more than one implant?

Signs of Dental Implant Failure

The first and most obvious sign is discomfort. This is also accompanied by severe pain. Other signs include inflammation and the swelling of the gums as well as loosening and movement of the implant in the mouth. These failures can be a result of a patient’s general health-related risks, the quality of post-procedure care and also the skills of the dentist undertaking the procedure. Below are the most common reasons.

(1) Gum infections

It is essentially important for dental implant procedures to be done on healthy gums. Visiting a dentist to evaluate and treat any gum disease or infection that might be developing prior to having the dental implant procedure, reduces the chances of experiencing failure. If this is not done, the infection can develop around the implant, damaging the jaw bone and gum area. In extreme cases, the implant will have to be replaced.

(2) Imperfect impressions

Impressions are moldings made by the dentist and are used to make the artificial teeth, also known as the crowns, in a laboratory. If these impressions are done poorly, the crowns may not fit as required. A small degree of misfit can entirely affect the functionality of the dental implant. Also, the gap can allow bacteria to thrive which can also cause infections.

(3) Medical conditions

The healing of your gums after dental implant surgery is totally dependent on your overall general health. Some health conditions may prolong the healing process. The slow healing can lead to the dental implant not fusing well with the jaw bone—the implant will then become loose. There are some medications that have been found to affect the quick healing of the procedure, thus it is important to inform your dentist of any medication you are using.

(4) Wrong alignment of the implant

The process of “fixing” dental implants near you is not easy. A dentist must assess and find the perfect location to precisely insert the implant. Sometimes the ideal spot on the gum is not the best for the implant, making the procedure difficult. This results in the misalignment of the artificial tooth. Correcting this problem is a risky affair and can damage the adjacent teeth or the gum. It is critical to acquire quality services the first time around to avoid issues. Finding a dental clinic near you that offers quality services can be done easily online.

(5) Damaged implant

The technology of today has reduced the occurrence of implant damage but has not eliminated it completely. When searching for a dentist specializing in the procedure of dental implants in Palm Beach Gardens, you should ensure the use of quality materials. Some dentists use materials that don’t meet the required standard. These implants damage easily and result in dental failure.

What to do after a dental failure

There are various solutions to dental failure. Some infections can be treated without having to remove the implant. Other complicated failures will require complex procedures. Now that you know the risks that can come with seeking dental implants, ensure you assess the quality of services offered as well as the skills and experience of the dentist so that you can achieve a safe and secure investment.

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