What Will Living With Dentures Be Like?

Dentures continue to be a popular and effective solution for partial or complete tooth loss. Whether you’re just missing a few teeth on one arch or all your teeth on one or both arches, getting dentures near you can restore the appearance and function of full sets of natural teeth. Today’s dentures in Palm Beach Gardens are made from materials and with technologies that allow you to eat and speak naturally… once you get used to wearing dentures.

What do we mean “get used to”? There’s no denying that if you’ve been living without some or many teeth for a prolonged period of time, it’ll take you some time to get used to wearing dentures. Over time, the dentures you obtain with help from a dentist in Palm Beach Gardens will feel completely natural, but you need to be patient with yourself and give yourself some time to become accustomed to them. Here’s what to expect during the first month of wearing new dentures.

The first day with new dentures

If your dentist extracted teeth before fitting you with your new dentures, there’s an especially important point to remember. In the future, you’ll remove your dentures when you sleep… but not the first night after getting them. Do not remove your dentures in the first 24 hours. Leaving them on will help your gums to heal by acting like a bandaid to protect your gums.

During the first 24 hours after tooth extractions, it’s normal to experience soreness. In anticipation of that, your dentist may prescribe you with painkillers in addition to antibiotics. Be sure to take any medications precisely as directed, and be sure to get lots of rest during this first 24-hour period. When eating, take it easy on your mouth and gums by limiting yourself to warm (not hot) and soft foods like mac’ and cheese or mashed potatoes.

The first two weeks with new dentures

Once the first 24-hour period has passed, you’ll return to your dentist’s office. Your dentist will remove your new dentures (for the first time) to examine the healing of your gums.

Over the first couple of weeks, you may notice that the fit and feel of your dentures changes. That’s normal and to be expected because your gum tissue contracts while it heals. If the changing shape and size of your gums affects the proper fit of your gums, the dentist may make minor adjustments to your dentures so they’ll fit properly.

During this first two week period, soreness on your gums and an increased amount of saliva in your mouth is completely normal. So is some temporary discomfort while eating. To avoid any nutritional sacrifices during this period, try adding protein shakes or meal replacement shakes to the meals you are eating.

After those first two weeks with new dentures

By the two week point, soreness in your mouth should be decreasing. The increased saliva that you probably noticed in the first few days will probably also be less noticeable. If you’re still experiencing marked soreness beyond the two week point, contact a dentist near you to confirm your dentures are fitting properly.

One thing that you may still notice at this point is some changes to the way you speak. The shape and size of the inside of your mouth has changed now that you’re wearing dentures. This affects how you make sounds and will take more time to get used to. Something like slurring or a lisp in your speech is normal. How can you get past that? Not by staying quiet, that’s for sure. One way is to practice talking by reading aloud to yourself.

As of your first month “anniversary”

By your one month anniversary, most of the adjustments required to adapt to your dentures will have been accomplished. Soreness and discomfort should be a thing of the past. If you continue to experience either, consult with a dentist for advice. It is possible that the feeling of your dentures’ fit could still change as time passes. Your gums and jaw are made of living tissues that change with time. For this reason, you should attend your regular dental check ups consistently. Your dentist will keep an eye on how your dentures fit and perform.

Dentures are a traditional solution for tooth loss, and one that continues to change lives. If you are concerned about any aspect of your transition to living with dentures, contact the experts at a dental clinic near you.

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